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We appreciate that you have just visited us. And so we offer you something extra.

+ Products on stock are already dispatched within 24 hours!

+ Free expert advice.
+ Branded products with quality guarantee.
+ Small gift for each order 

+ Shipping to Czech rep. and Hungary from 0,90 Eur. Europe from 8,80 Eur.




Šatky na nosenie detí

Ring Slings

Water Slings


Baby wraps

Ring Slings

Water Slings

Ergonomické nosiče pre deti

Onbuhimo nosiče pre deti

Mei Tai na nosenie detí

Oblečenie pre mamičky

Ergonomic baby carriers

 Onbuhimo baby carriers Mei Tai baby carriers Mum´s wear   


Predobjednávky, preorder

Výpredaj, sale

Darčekový poukaz

Different Accessoires  



Gift voucher


Long woven baby wraps

but also ring slings of popular makers such as Natibaby, Diva Milano, LennyLamb, Pellicano Baby, YARO, Sensimo, Luluna, Luna Dream but also Beloved, Oscha which you can choose from our stock. We will gladly insure your order according to availability from makers stocks.


We are the only ones who are able to supply you with woven baby carriers and other goods of brands like NATIBABY, and DIVA MILANO at any time, individually, without waiting for the bulk order. We update the offer constantly to bring you the latest news.


Ergonomic baby carrier wraps conversion

MOYO, ZUMBUCCA, BUZZIDIL, LENNYLAMB, ISARA and NATIBABY are meant for carrying mothers who are mainly interested in carriers.   


Handmade growing woven ergonomic baby carriers from Slovak maker MOYO will please a good many mothers and their babies with the carrier´s variability and comfort. Carriers are made of quality woven wraps and there is also a choice to have a carrier made of any woven wrap from our portfolio.


Ergonomic, full buckle growing ZUMBUCCA baby carriers.. These are great hand-made ergonomic carriers of the Slovak manufacturer, which are of course fully adjustable and made from a variety of babywearing slings.


The ergonomic baby carrier - wrap conversikon of the famous LENNYLAMB manufacturer, will please many mom and her wearer with their versatility and comfort. The bonus is that they are made from LennyLamb wraps.


Ergonomic adjustable carriers of Austrian maker BUZZIDIL will catch your attention with their uniqueness, adjustment options, quality processing, but also distinctive design and comfort. The offer and design is continuously changing which helps mothers to find the right carrier just for them.


Ergonomic adjustable baby carriers ISARA has been long domesticated within Europe. This brand is still new in Slovakia, but sufficient experiences of this Romanian maker, quality, variety of products, and unrepeatable design will surely convince you.


Ergonomic baby carrires NATIBABY is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality babywearing wraps, characterized by their distinctive design. These benefits will of course be found at Natibaby carriers as well.


Maternity clothes and clothes for carying mothers

according to quality and design the DIVA MILANO brand belongs to the top category. The most popular are certainly jackets suitable for carrying infants in version 3 in 1 or 4 in 1. Here you can choose from models for the winter or for between season.


ANGEL WINGS is very popular producent. Fashionable and practical wearing clothes are also popular thanks to their quality and creativity. Moms will certainly enjoy practical accessories for wearing clothes.


The young ambitious manufacturer IW DESIGN from the Czech Republic is distinguished mainly by its originality and dazzling color combinations. His sweatshirts for the summer and autumn season are also very popular due to the high degree of comfort when wearing them.


The LENNYLAMB manufacturer does not need to be particularly introduce in the world of wearing. Among the wide assortment, we also found a place for wearing apparel for moms, babies and children.


Do not hesitate to contact us so you and your baby can enjoy your new babywrap or ergonomic carrier as soon as possible.



We are looking forward to our mutual corporation.


Stefan & Tatiana :o)


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