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Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

1. General provisions and definitions

1.1. These general terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between the customer and the company NATALES Ltd, located at Vsetínska 44, 064 01 Stará Ľubovňa, ID 50 562 826 (hereinafter referred to as “provider” or “seller”) concluded by means of system of electronic department store of (hereinafter refered as “system”).


1.2 The general terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the parties under the contract concluded at a distance through the server between the provider and the customer.


1.3 The rights and obligations of the parties under the contract shall be governed by the rules of the contract according to the provision of section 588 et seq. in conjunction with the provision of section 612 et seq. Act No. 40/1964 Coll., the civil code.


1.4 The customer shall mean the natural or legal person, who after its own authorisation in the system has placed an order, processed by the system of the online shop.


1.5 By placing an online order, is understood sending an electronic form, which contains information about the customer, a list of ordered items from the menu of the online shop and the prices of items, processed by the system of online shop

or an email sent to the address of the seller.

2. Order

2.1Condition of validity of the online ordering is true and full completion of all required data and information requested by registration form, including telephone contact.

2.2 Once placed order is approved, is considered a draft of the contract and is considered as binding.


2.3 The contract under which the sale of the items is implemented by the seller to the customer is created on basis of binding confirmation of an order in the system. The order (or its part) confirmed by email is considered to be as binding for both parties. If there is no breach of the conditions agreed at the time of confirmation, a relationship between the customer and the company NATALES Ltd comes into existence.

2.4By essential conditions are considered in particular the content of the order (the exact specification of the items and their amount), the price for items and transport, delivery method, and the method of payment for the items.

3. Order cancellation

3.1 Order cancellation from the customer
The customer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason, in any time before its binding confirmation by the seller. After a firm order, only in the case that seller fails to comply with the agreed delivery terms. In the case of cancellation of the order, the customer is obliged to reimburse the seller for any damage caused to such negotiations. The seller applies for damage compensation especially in the case of the purchase of items, which was necessary provide on the customer's request or in the case that the items were already arrangement provable costs. A cancellation fee may be up to 50% of the total value of the items.

3.2 Order cancellation from the seller

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part of it in the following cases:

* In the case of mail-order sale, when the order could not be firmly acknowledged (incorrect phone number, person is unavailable, not responding to e-mails, etc.)
* In the case the customer has not accepted the delivery or otherwise violated the terms and conditions in the past
* The items are no longer produced or not supplied or the supplier price of the items has change.

In the case of such situation, the seller will immediately contact the customer in order to agree on other process. If the customer has already paid all or part of the amount of the purchased price, he/ she will have this amount transferred back to his account or send back to the provided address within a period of 15 calendar days.

4. Withdrawal from the contract (mail order)

4.1Withdrawal from the contract by the customer
The customer has the rights in accordance with the law on the protection of consumers in no. 102/2014 Coll., to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days from the received delivery. In the application of this law, the customer is obliged to comply with the conditions and procedures referred to in point 4.2.


4.2What to do in the case of withdrawal from the contract
In the event of withdrawal from the contract shall the supplier return or replaced to the customer and vice versa all the mutually accepted implementation. The seller shall reimburse the cost for purchasing items, which was necessary to provide for the customer's request or in the case that the items were already arrangement of provable costs.
If the customer chooses to withdraw from the contract within the period referred to in point 4.1 he/ she has to comply with the following conditions:


-to contact us in writing (see our details above) with a request to withdraw from the contract, stating the order number, name and surname, date of purchase and your account number for refund.
-If the customer has already received the items, send them back to our address listed in the contact section, under the following conditions:

  • we recommend returning of the goods goods in their original undamaged packaging (with intact protective foil)

  • the goods must not be used

  • the goods must be undamaged

  • the goods must be complete (including the package leaflet, etc.)

  • send, together with your proof of purchase-invoice

The fulfilment of all of the above stated conditions for the return of the goods we will send you a refund to your account within 14 working days after we have received the goods back.
The goods must be sent by registered mail and insured, since we take no responsibility for any loss. Shipments such cash on delivery (COD) will not be accepted.
In the case of non-compliance with any of the above stated conditions, we will not accept the withdrawal from the order and the goods will be returned at the expense of the customer.

You can find the withdrawal request form here ...


5. Pricing

5.1 The price of the products is the final price including VAT

5.2 Shipping and handling prices are listed in point 6 of the document

5.3 The customer has the option to pay in the following currencies: EUR

6. Shipping and handling

The NATALES Ltd do not charge for handling.

The price of postage is including VAT and shall be determined as follows:


Slovak Republic (SK)


the fee for cash on delivery (COD) (not possible for goods at the request of the customer!)



the fee for payment by transfer to the account



the fee for payment by card






delivery of goods with a value up to 99,99



delivery of goods with a value of 100, including





Czech Republic (CZ), Hungary (HU)


the fee for cash on delivery (COD) (not possible for goods at the request of the customer!) /Payment to courier in CZK or in HUF according to the current exchange rate/



the fee for payment by transfer to the account



the fee for payment by card






delivery of goods with a value up to 99,99



delivery of goods with a value of 100, including





Shipping in the EU

the fee for payment by transfer to the account



the fee for payment by card






delivery of goods with a value up to 99,99



delivery of goods with a value of 100, including






the fee for payment by transfer to the account



the fee for payment by card






delivery of goods 


please ask by e- mail

6.3 Postage is not charge at the personal collection.


7. Payments

7.1 One-time transfer from the customer account to the bank account of the company NATALES Ltd stated in the invoice or in the email notification.


7.2 Payment for cash on delivery (COD) when receiving the goods


7.3 Payment by card


7.4 Pay in cash for personal collection


7.5 Unless a price for the delivered products is paid in full, the seller has the right to suspend further deliveries of goods to the time the price is paid.

8. Terms of delivery

8.1 The purchased goods will be dispatched according to the subject of availability of products and operational capabilities of the seller and shipped as soon as possible. The availability of the goods is listed in each item.


8.2 The customers will be informed of any changes in the status of their order via email. You can check the status of your order by logging in to the system.


8.3 The goods are shipped by Slovak mail or courier to the address indicated in order by the customer. The consignment of goods always contains an invoice.


8.4 The goods are also available to pick-up in person at the registered office of the company NATALES Ltd by mutual agreement.


8.5 The right of ownership to the goods passes to the customer by paying the purchased price of the item.


8.6 The supply of goods on the territory of the Member States of the European Union, or other States are available on the above mentioned terms alternatively as prior consent and mutual written reconciliation of prices for shipping and handling, or the other delivery terms between customer and distributor.

9. Warranty and return policy

9.1 This return policy procedure relates to goods which have been purchased by the company NATALES Ltd and which complaints were made within the warranty period for the item.


9.2 Each item purchased in the company NATALES Ltd is accompanied by an invoice (sales receipt), which serves at the same time as the warranty.


9.3 The customer is obliged to check the following, when receiving the goods:

  • whether it is a right order (in the case of different product, do not unpack or open, otherwise you won't be able to exchanged it)

  • whether the product is intact, e.g. whether it does not have an obvious defect

  • whether all the parts work

Warranty does not cover defects caused by transport, improper use, storage or damage to the goods by the customer. The packaging and content of the product must not be mechanically damaged upon delivery (mechanical damage means damage of the product, which could not arise in the ordinary use of the product for the purpose for which it was made).

The claimed goods the buyer is obliged to apply on
the above conditions at the following address:
NATALES Ltd - babysatky

Vsetinska 44
064 01 Stara Lubovna

10. Liability for errors on the page

10.1 The company NATALES Ltd points out that part of the information provided on are downloaded from third parties, and may include inaccuracies and be updated without prior notice.

10.2 The company NATALES Ltd may at any time without prior notice change the products and services described on their site and does not guarantee accuracy of their content.

10.3 The company NATALES Ltd does not bear towards the other side the responsibility for direct, indirect or special damages resulting from the use of information from its own or linked websites.

11. Protection of personal data

11.1 The company NATALES Ltd is fully regulated by law No. 122/2013 Coll. on protection of personal data and on amendments to certain laws, as is apparent from the amendments made by law No 84/2014. Our company respects your privacy. Since we want to be able to offer you valuable services, we need to know some of your personal data. These data are protected against misuse and we guarantee that we will not provide your contact information as well as details of your purchases to third parties.

11.2 To use of this online store, you agree to the collection and use of information about you and your purchases under the above conditions. By registering as a customer, applicant for news (newsletter), participant of surveys and other forms of registration you automatically agree that you can be informed about news in our online store by email or telephone. If you do not wish to receive such information, you have the option to terminate the transmission at any time according to the procedure set out in each outgoing message.

11.3 Our online store reserves the right to withdraw from the guarantees of security in the event of a server attacked by an unknown perpetrator (hacker). Only in such case the abovementioned, rules on data handling do not apply.

11.4 We will investigate your satisfaction with the purchase also through e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Verified Program, to which our e-shop is involved. We will send you every time if you purchase in our e-shop, pursuant to Section 62, paragraph 3, 351/2011 Z.z. about electronic communications, you will not decline to send our business notifications or will withdraw the consent already granted. For sending questionnaires, evaluating your feedback, and analyzing our market position, we use the processor who is the operator of; we can upload your purchased items and your email address for that purpose.


12. Information on the processing of personal data




12.1 General information on the processing of personal data ("PD").




The administrator of your personal information is:


Natales s. r. Vsetínska 44, 064 01 Stará Ľubovňa, IČO: 50652826, registered in the District Court of Prešov, Section: Sro, Insert number: 33885 / P (hereinafter referred to as the "operator"), represented by its manager.


Contact Manager Information:




Tel: +421 948 466 985


The administrator did not appoint a privacy officer.




We abide by the rules and therefore the protection of your OOs is important to us. The PD is processed according to the following conditions:




By granting your consent to the processing of the PD at, you give your consent a serious, free, specific, informed and unambiguous manifestation of the will of the person (purchaser) concerned in the form of a clear confirmatory act within the meaning of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 , of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and also under the provisions of Act No. 18/2018 Coll., Of 29 November 2017 on the protection of personal data and on the amendment of certain laws as amended by the operator (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR and LAW").




12.2 The purpose of processing the PD




Your assigned PD will be used for the following purposes:




12.2.1 Eshop - to conclude and execute a purchase contract, process the payment, deliver the goods or perform other related activities (eg claims and other obligations related to consumer protection legislation) concluded through between the operator and buyer.


You have provided us with the following information for the ordering of your order: name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number and your payment details. E-mail and tel. contact is also a means of communication.


Your order confirmation information and ongoing status information will be sent to your email.


We process personal data on a legal basis (Article 6/1 / b GDPR and LAW) processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract to which the person (purchaser) concerned is a party or for a pre-contractual measure at the request of the person concerned of the purchaser) (paragraph 12 (1)). j. this is a contractual requirement.


12.2.2 Marketing - for marketing purposes, if you have given the consent to the operator by clicking on the appropriate window. Marketing purposes mean sales promotion, marketing offers, newsletters, product information, and news. Marketing information can only be sent to registered customers.


If a customer does not wish to receive these offers, he / she may request in writing to delete the registration for marketing purposes.


An operator shall process the OC upon the consent of the person concerned (Article 6/1 / GDPR and the LAW).




12.3  Registration




The buyer has the option to register at Buyer is allowed to shop without registration.


In case you decide to buy through registration, we will process your PD as follows:


Keep your account password protected. By signing in to your account, you get information about your orders, you can edit your PD, such as setting up mailing news. Please protect your password! The operator is not responsible for its misuse!


If, however, you have changed your mind and do not want to continue to be registered, you can cancel the registration in your account or request a deletion in writing. You can buy at at any time as an unregistered buyer, that is, a guest.


12.4 Third parties


Your personal data may be provided to third parties.

Other recipients of your personal data will be All4Net s.r.o. (epsop system operator), * Heureka Shopping s.r.o. (processing of email for sending an email satisfaction questionnaire), SPS s.r.o., Intime s. r. about. and Slovenská pošta a.s. (shipper). Buyer's PD is processed only for the purpose of performance of the contract and for the necessary time specified in par. 12.6. Processing time.

* You can find your satisfaction with your purchase through our e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Verified Program in which our e-shop is involved. These are sent to you after each purchase, if, in accordance with § 62 of Act. no. 351/2011 Coll. on electronic communications, as amended, you will not refuse to send e-mail for direct marketing purposes. Processing of personal data for the purpose of submitting questionnaires under the "Verified by Customers" program is based on our legitimate interest in determining your satisfaction with our purchase. For sending questionnaires, evaluating your feedback, and analyzing our market position, we use a processing intermediary, the operator, for this purpose, we can share information about your purchased item and your e-mail address. Your personal information is not transmitted to any third party for its own purposes when sending email. You can oppose the sending of e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Verified Program at any time by rejecting other questionnaires via a link in a questionnaire email. In case of your objection, the questionnaire will not be sent to you again.


12.5 Under the age of 16


The operator, in connection with the offer of an information society service, processes personal data on the basis of the consent of the person concerned legally if the person concerned has reached the age of 16. This e-shop is not directly intended for people under 16 years of age.

The operator does not process OIs under the age of 16. At each registration / sign-up, the operator asks for an affidavit from the buyer. This e-shop is not intended for purchase under the age of 16.


12.6 Processing time


Buyer agrees to process personal data from the date of approval under these conditions for up to 10 years to fulfill the purpose of performance of the contract. 12.1. (concerning accounting documents - invoices). For unregistered buyers, personal data from the order is deleted from the e-shop's administrative system after two years from the date of the order, but the personal information on the invoice is required for the archiving of the accounting documents.

Buyer agrees to process personal data from the date of award under these terms and conditions for up to 3 years to fulfill the purpose of marketing activities. 2.12

Buyer agrees to process personal data from the date of the grant under these terms and conditions for up to 3 years in fulfillment of the purpose of the loyalty program. 12.3, but the registered buyer will not be active 24 months from the last purchase t. j. will not make another purchase, his account will be automatically deleted.


12.7 Transfers to a third country


An operator uses Mailchimp, a US-based application.

The US is a country which, according to the European Commission's decision, guarantees adequate protection. An operator of the Mailchipm online application has provided reasonable assurance and security to the PD, and ensures that the PD processes the GDPR policy.


12.8 Automated profiling


In order to improve marketing campaigns, the operator can use automated profiling. Profiling segments offerings that are of interest to you and are more profitable for you. Profiling uses Google Adwords systems.

Consent is not required for the basic collection of statistical data, using the Google Analytics tracking code.


12.9 IP Address


The number file uniquely identifies the device on the computer network.

The IP address may be marked as an identifiable person for the protection of personal data.

An IP address becomes a personal data if:

An IP address is a personal data if it is processed by the ISP together with another identifier (name, email ...).
static IP addresses used by individuals / individuals should be considered as personal data.
a dynamic IP address will be considered a personal data if the online service provider will process other identifiers considered personal data (such as name, surname, mail, etc.) together with the dynamic IP address.
If an IP address is stored at a web site (eg, WordPress editorial system for comments), it is necessary to choose the appropriate processing purpose or use pseudonymization.


12.10 Safe data transmision


Your personal data is securely transmitted by encryption. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is most commonly used for secure communication with Web servers. Personal information in our systems as well as the website is provided with appropriate technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, alteration and further dissemination of data through unauthorized persons.

If you are also registered on our site, you only have access to your account, so be sure to treat it with confidentiality. The operator is not responsible for unauthorized use or misuse of the password.


12.11 Rights of the Person (Buyer)


The buyer has the right under GDPR to (I.) The right to rectification, (II.) The right of cancellation, (III.) the right to data portability, (IV) the right to object, (V.) the right to revoke the consent, (VI.) the right of access to information.

Right to repair.
The buyer has the right for the operator without undue delay to correct incorrect PDs concerning his person and to complete incomplete PDs.

The right to erase.
The buyer has the right to delete the PD concerned without undue delay. An operator is required to delete these PDs without undue delay if any of the following is true:

PD are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were acquired or processed, the person concerned withdraws approval for the processing of the PD for at least one specific purpose or the consent is invalid if its granting excludes a special regulation, the person concerned objects to the processing of the PD according to and does not outweigh any legitimate reasons for the processing of the PD or the person concerned complains about the processing of the PD in terms of direct marketing including profiling, PDs are processed illegally, is the reason for the deletion of the obligation under this Act, a special regulation or an international treaty binding on the Slovak Republic; or the PD has been acquired in connection with the information society services offer the person concerned is under 16 years of age.
If the operator has disclosed and is required to delete the PD, it is also required to take appropriate security measures, including technical measures with regard to the available technology and the cost of doing so, in order to inform other operators who process the PD of the person concerned about its request to delete those operators links to its PD and their copies or depreciations.

Right to data portability.
The buyer has the right to acquire the PD concerned and provided to the operator in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format, and has the right to transfer these PDs to the other operator - the seller if technically possible and if:

the PD shall be processed on the basis of the consent of the person concerned, on the basis of the contract and with the consent of the person concerned, which is null and void, processing of the PD is done by automated means.

The right to object
The buyer has the right to object to the processing of the PD that concern it for the purpose of direct marketing, including profile profiling insofar as it relates to direct marketing, the operator is obliged to expressly notify the person concerned of his rights at the earliest when communicating with him, this right must be stated clearly and separately from any other information. Buyers can dispute their right to use automated means using technical specifications.

Revocation of consent
The buyer has the right at any time to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data relating to him / her. Revocation of consent does not affect the legality of the processing of personal data based on consent prior to its recall; before the consent is given, the buyer must be informed of this fact. The buyer may withdraw the consent in the same way he has given his consent.

Right of access to information.
The buyer has the right to obtain a confirmation from the operator as to whether or not the PD concerned relates to it. If an operator works on such a PD, the buyer has the right to access these OOs and information about:

the purpose of processing the PD,
category of processed PD - in our case, it is a regular PD, the operator does not process the special category of PD,
the identification of the beneficiary or the category of beneficiary to whom the PD has been or is to be made available, in particular the recipient in a third country or an international organization, where possible,
the retention period of the PD; if this is not possible, information on the criteria for its determination,
just ask the operator to repair a buyer's PD, erase or restrict their processing, or to oppose the processing of the PD,
just to file a petition,
source of the PD, if personal data have not been obtained from the buyer,
the existence of automated individual decisions including profiling in such cases, the operator will provide the purchaser with information in particular on the procedure followed as well as on the significance and the implications of such processing of the PD for the buyer.
The operator is required to provide information on this request within 30 days of receipt of this request. This period can be extended by the operator for an additional 60 days and will inform you of the delay.

For the repeated provision of the PD requested by the buyer, the operator may charge an appropriate fee corresponding to the administrative costs. An operator is obliged to provide the Buyer's Purchaser with the way he or she has requested or at his request.

The operator reserves the buyer's right to verify and finds out if it is a particular buyer. Verification consists in providing additional information, for example, through control questions. Verification is important from the point of view of providing information about the PD, which the operator processes and the protection of personal data.The right to file a petition to the buyer. The buyer may file a motion to initiate proceedings under § 100 of the Act, if he is directly concerned with his rights, the proposal must include the person submitting it, against whom the proposal is directed the subject of the proposal indicating the rights to be violated in the processing of personal data, the evidence will be published on the website of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data, Hraničná 12, 820 02Bratislava. The Office assesses the complaint within 30 days, decides within 90 days or may prolong the period accordingly.


12.12 Cookies


12.12.1 In accordance with Section 55 5 of the NRSR Act no. 351/2011 Coll. we will let you know about the use of cookies and pay your attention to the possibility of changing your Internet browser setting in case your current cookie setting does not suit you. These policies contain information about how the cookie user uses cookies and similar


12.12.2 Cookies Cookies are small text files that can be sent to the Internet browser when visiting a website and stored on your device (a computer or another device with Internet access, such as a smartphone or tablet). Cookies are stored in the folder for your browser's files. Cookies usually contain the name of the web site they come from, the validity and value. The next time you visit the site, the web browser reloads cookies and sends this information back to the website that originally created the cookies. The cookies that are used do not harm your computer.


12.12.3 The types of cookies. Cookies are used to optimally create and constantly improve the services, adapt them to your interests and needs, and improve their structure and content. Temporary and permanent cookies. Basic cookiesThis cookie forms the basis for running websites and allows you to use basic features such as secure areas or online payments.

  • Basic cookies

are, for example, remembering login, enabling access to secure areas without having to re-login, pre-fill forms, and more. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide the services that form the basis of the website. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to guarantee the faultless operation of each site.

  • Cookie Cookies

Using the Business Cookies, you collect statistical information about how you use individual websites. This technical information suggests which parts of the website you clicked, which page you visited most recently, and so on. These cookies serve to analyze and improve our website in terms of content, performance and design. If you disable these cookies, you can not guarantee the faultless operation of individual pages.

  • Third-party cookies.

The websites are links and integrated content from other websites. Therefore, cookies that are not under the control of may be created while using our website. This is the case, for example, if a webpage you are viewing uses an analytics or marketing automation tool from a third party (such as Google's tools) or displays the content of a third-party website, YouTube or Facebook. This results in the acceptance of cookies from these third party services. The operator can not control the storage or access to these cookies. To know how these third parties use cookies, please read the privacy policy and the cookie policy for these services.


12.12.4 You do not want to use cookies to change it, they can be set in your web browser. Most Internet browsers are originally set to automatically accept cookies. You can change this setting by blocking cookies or alerting you if cookies are to be sent to your device. You can find instructions for changing cookies in each browser's tutorial. If you use a variety of devices to access a site (such as a computer, smartphone, tablet), we recommend that each browser customize your cookie preferences on each device. You can remove the cookies individually or all at once, either directly (if they know where they are stored) using the browser.


12.13 Do you have questions?


If you have any questions or comments concerning the processing of personal data, you can contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions. Contact details of the administrator: mail:


12.14 Final provisions


This information will enter into force and effect on 25.05.2018. The operator reserves the right to change these conditions in the event of a change in the processing of the OO in the company and in case of a legislative change.




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