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Zumbucca ergonomic baby carriers

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The first Slovak producer of full buckle, wrap conversion, growing, ergonomic baby carriers. The carriers are of course  hand made and the  inspiration comes from the author Zuzka himself.




ZU - means Zuzka and symbolizes the author of the carrier.

M - characterizes the ergonomic position of the feet of children when wearing them.
BUCCA - is originally a Latin word, and in translation means face, cheek, mouth. Its use in the name symbolizes one of the basic principles of ergonomic wearing of children - wearing "face to face"


Obviously, ZUMBUCCA means - "Zuzka is wearing face to face!"




"In our work we do not want to slip into the manufactory and work in our work as a band production. That's why I myself (author of carrier) has begun to sew every Zumbucca as an original piece, and I continue with this other idea with our other handsome moms. Sewing is our hobby, work, joy and passion. We create with taste and love to please you and your children :) "



 Zumbucca baby carriers
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ZUMBUCCA - Slovak hand made ergonosič for carrying children.

It is also height-adjustable, suitable from 4-6 weeks to about 3 years (3.5kg - max. 20kg). The position of the legs is in the so-called M column, which supports correct joint development and proper spine hold.
The backrest provides perfect support for the baby's spine. A soft padding around the legs ensures the baby is comfortable and does not push it. At the top there is a rolled hood to fix the head if the baby sleeps in the carrier. It is adjustable.
You can wear the baby on the front, on the back and even on the side. Thanks to its long straps it is suitable for any type of character.
You can also cross your straps for more comfortable wearing on your back.


Material: 100% Cotton / Shawl.



Height without hip belt: 32-44 cm
Width of the back part at the hip belt: 27-43cm
Width of straps - 8cm
Length of hip belt - 65-150 cm


Why Zumbucca?

1. Originality. Each carrier is original and there are not two identical. It is possible to choose a design according to your own ideas, so the carrier is the jewelery of a wearing mother. The offer includes: scarf, cotton, embroidered, with the motif of drawing ...)
2. Variability. Zumbucca is height and width adjustable, suitable from 4-6 weeks to about 3 years, so one carrier for the whole wear period.
3. Accessories. As a single carrier, it offers the possibility of producing accessories (hip pocket, sluts, carrier pocket, mini Zumbuccka) in the same design and creating a stylish set.
4. The Zumbucca Ergonomic meets international and quality standards for ergonomic carriers EN 13209-2: 2015.
5. By purchasing this product, you are supporting the Slovak manufacturer.



IMPORTANT: Before the first use, the carrier is not required to be washed as it is washed and laced from the manufacturer. For dirt, we recommend that you carry the washing machine manually or in a washing machine at 30ºC. Use a soft cloth or hand wash program. Wash items should be switched on. When washing in the washing machine, we recommend inserting the carrier into the fine laundry bag.

Centering at the lowest rpm. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach, clean chemically, use fabric softener. Ironing if necessary at the lowest temperature.


TIP: Ironing is easier if the carrier is not completely dry after washing.

TIP: Use strap protectors to prevent unnecessary contamination.

TIP: Use delicate detergents suitable for children's clothing.

Front babywearing:

Back babywearing 1:

Back babywearing 2:

Set a hood:


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