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Beloved Slings - baby slings you just have to love


The family company from Wroclaw, which has been working for the production of bay slings for six years, has been devoted to producing well-known Little Frog wraps. In the second half of 2017, however, they decided to introduce a new brand - Beloved Slings, which we can peacefully place in the category of high quality Jacquard slings.

In principle, these are 100% cotton products, which will also be enriched in time for various additions. The main idea of Beloved Slings is the production of babywraps that will be loved by customers and become "My Beloved" :).

So the slings will be designed by our customers in our case (the first audition took place in September 2017). The same goes for people in the community in the name search process, when selecting photographers, and so on.

So, be with us Beloved! :)



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